Automated Curing Systems

If your buds smell like hay or grass, it's because it's only dired and not cured.
Turkey Bags are for Turkeys, not cannabis.
Garbage Bag Curing
Quit moving and damaging your buds.

Preserve your terpenes, protect your trichomes, and avoid mold.
Perfectly Cured Cannabis
Let your cannabis cure without damage.

  • 1. Put your dried buds in the Jars. (or 5 Gallon Buckets)
  • 2. Set the timer for 10 minutes every 24 hours. (15 minutes for Buckets)
That's it!
3 weeks later, your cannabis is perfectly cured and ready for packaging
or long term storage.

 For Home or Small Harvests - Pefect Mason Jar Curing.


 automated curing system

 Cure in Wide Mouth Mason Jars.

(Mason Jars not included)

The timer starts the pump pushing air through the inlet valve and out through the outlet valve, and auto shuts off after 2 minute.

Jar Curing System
$85 - For 2 Jars
$195 - For 6 Jars
$255 - For 12 Jars



You worked hard to grow a great crop.

So don't stop now!

Perfect Cured Cannabis
Keep your buds looking their best!

Stop Damaging Your Product By Curing In Bins and Turkey Bags.

 For Large Harvests - Pefect Curing in 5 Gallon Buckets.

(Food Safe Buckets Not Included - $5 at Home Depot.)
automated curing system automated curing system

Scalable to hundreds of buckets.

Many Curing Buckets Curing Buckets

 Cure up to 3 lbs in one bucket.

The timer starts the pump and pushes air through the inlet valve and out through the outlet valve, and shuts off after 15 minutes.

Bucket Curing System
*Buckets not included
$195 - For 2 Buckets
$260 - For 3 Buckets
$475 - For 6 Buckets
$795 - For 12 Buckets
$1200 - For 24 Buckets

Buckets are $5.00 at Home Depot, so why pay for shipping?
Bucket Curing System
*Include Assembled Buckets

$255 - 2 Bucket System (Assembled)
$385 - 3 Bucket System (Assembled)
$690 - 6 Bucket System (Assembled)
$1190 - 12 Bucket System (Assembled)
$1955 - 24 Bucket System (Assembled)

Buckets are $5.00 at Home Depot, but if you want them anyway, select this option.


Contact us for bulk pricing.

Worry Free Long Term Storage with Nitrogen

Oxygen Purge with Nitrogen ensures an inert storage environment after the cure.

automated curing system
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How the Automated Cannabis Curing System Works

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