Automated Commercial Curing Systems

If your buds smell like hay, grass or not much at all, it's because it was only dired and not cured.
Turkey Bags are for Turkeys, and Storage Totes are for uh... not cannabis.
Garbage Bag CuringGarbage Bag Curing
Quit flipping, moving and damaging your product trichomes.

Compressed Air, Evaporators and Desiccant Dryers will DRY, not CURE.

Preserve your terpenes, protect your trichomes, avoid mold and product recalls.
Perfectly Cured Cannabis
Let your cannabis cure without damage and dramatically increase quality.

Produce a Superior Product

With Less Work

Stackable 20kg or 40kg capacity units are designed to maximize space and batch management. Custom Container and Build to Suit solutions are also available.

Units are FDA and Health Canada Food Safe and constructed from Medical Grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, and Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone Airlines.

Hermetically sealed pressurized units ensure a pristine curing environment with an industrial grade duty cycle to ensure repeatable results every time.

Maintenance free operation allows for reduced FTE requirements.

Cure up to 50kg per unit

Fill & Seal. 3 weeks later you have a perfectly cured product.
Stackable, Robust and Reliable.

automated curing system

Commercial curing on an industrial scale for any environment.

Reduce FTE Requirements and Errors





Worry Free Long Term Nitrogen Storage

Oxygen Purge with Nitrogen ensures an inert storage environment.

automated curing system
Our Nitrogen Purge System gives you the one thing you don't usually have after a harvest and cure - TIME.

The sealed Nitrogen environment maintains peak flower quality before packaging while avoiding trichome oxidation.



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