Maximize Seed Viability and Germination

Protect Stored Cannabis From Mold

Removes over 99.9% of Oxygen from sealed, airtight packages.

Proper storage is a must for long term storage.

Traditional Storage
Most, if not all, professional breeders use refrigeration to store cannabis and seeds long term. But there's more you can do to maintain seed viability for an even longer life while increasing germination.

Boreal Seeds Oxygen Absorber packs.

Initially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, Boreal Seeds Oxygen absorber packs ensure an oxygen free environment for your rare genetics.

Conveniently sealed in 2s so you don't have to use them all at once.
seed storage
More than simple Boveda packs. Ageless not only stabilizes humidity, it removes the Oxygen from your storage containers. Oxygen being the main culprit responsible for mold and long term damage to your cannabis.

Oxygen Absorbing Seed and Cannabis Storage Packs

seed storage

2 sachets per pack - sealed
$40 - 12 Pack Oxygen Absorbers
$70 - 24 Pack Oxygen Absorbers
$100 - 50 Pack Oxygen Absorbers
$175 - 100 Pack Oxygen Absorbers

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