White Glue

Fat, Bushy and Powerful

A powerful and very fast finishing Indica hybrid

White Glue plants are a tall and bushy Indica dominant plants with a high main cola and many side colas on strong side branches.

It's Original Glue and White Widow parents provide an abundance of THC (18%), and makes a perfect strain for those looking to relax and unwind. This is a potent strain whose effects last much longer than you are probably used to. This beautiful strain produces many big colas on many strong side branches.

Regular Seeds:

$50 - 10 Seeds
$85 - 20 Seeds
$195 - 50 Seeds
$250 - 100 Seeds


This girl can eat and grows fast. The more you feed her, the fatter she gets. The buds are not super tight which gives the buds generous bag appeal.

White Glue thrives indoor or outdoor and will produce a very heavy crop in any environment. Harvest this frosty plant at the start of September where you can expect a plant reaching a height of 6 feet and 4 feet wide with big colas on every branch.

She grows so fast in the vegetative stage you can get an extra hearty yield out of her if you top her a few times.

Feel free to start her early indoors the 1st week of April and put her in the ground outdoors June 1st for an extra large harvest.

For extra dense buds, feed with a typical Bloom fertilizer when flowering starts.  (NPK:     low N,   very high P,   medium K)

THC 20%.
CBD 1%.

Harvest time:
Ready to harvest early September. White Glue is a perfect candidate as a late outdoor starter.

Good frost resistant in the spring, and highly frost resistant in the fall.

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