Train Lights

Trail Lights will transfix you.

The perfect blend of Trainwreck and Northern Light Super Auto.

Trail Lights plants are very tall (> 6') and very mold resistant. Yield is 1+ pounds of a good blend of 65/35 Sativa/Indica. The effects of Trail Lights are very similar to the Trainwreck of old.

With high THC (24%), it's a hard hitting high not recommended for beginners or lightweight smokers. This is a potent strain whose effects last much longer than you are probably used to. This strain produces long heavy cola loaded branching so support should be used.

Regular Seeds:

$50 - 10 Seeds
$85 - 20 Seeds
$195 - 50 Seeds
$250 - 100 Seeds


For growers, Train Lights is ideal for beginners. Easy to manage, but will keep you busy during the final stretch.

Train Lights is ready 1st to 3rd week in October, but no worries, she's very frost hardy. You can expect a height of a minimum 6 feet so it is a highly visible plant. Colas are thick, with nodes lining very long branches. You can expect yields of around 500g/m² indoors and 1kg outdoor

THC 16%.
CBD 4%.

Harvest time:
Ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from seed. If you plant every 4 weeks, 3 summer crops are possible.

Excellent even in hot humid weather during flowering.

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