Ecuadorean Chola

The best of the 3rd World

Ecuadorean Landrace (Chola)

When Ecuadorean Fusherman go out to sea in their small boats for 20 days at a time, they bring Chola an Ecuadorean Landrace.

Sourced from an 80 year old fisherman in a fishing village near Montanita Ecuador, a surfing hot spot for backpacking tourists from around the world.

The wild Ecuadorean flavors in fresh buds are fruity with a touch of pepper. Very nice and is probably the best tasting weed I've grown. THC is about 12% and is the same clear headed high you get from Ecuadorean Chola or a fresh Honduran Landrace. A daytime smoke that allows you to focus on a task like a laser.

When you smoke this, the greens are greener, the sky is bluer, the air smells fresher, and food tastes amazing. But don't smoke this if you're on a diet. Fair warning because you'll have a second or third plate.

10 Regular Seeds: $45 USD

INDOOR (untested)


This girl grows best outdoor in full sun. While it's backbone is on the equator, you'll be surprised to quickly she finishes flowering.

Fisherman does very well in the bush and is surprisingly frost resistant. That's probably because Ecuadorean Chola still grows wild in the mountains around the 7 volcanoes in Ecuador. It gets cold at 10 thousand feet above sea level. Harvest this beauty end of August to mid September and will streatch to 6-7 feet easily.

Feel free to start her early indoors the 1st week of April and put her in the ground outdoors June 1st for an extra large harvest.

Go easy with the fertilizer and she'll hunt for her own.

THC 12% (untested).
CBD (unknown).

Harvest time:
Ready to harvest end of August/early September.

Zero mold.

Great frost resistant all around.

10 Regular Seeds: $45 USD

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