Boreal Cloud Autoflower

Balanced Stealth and Yield

A powerful and fast finishing auto

Boreal Cloud Autoflower plants are stout and the perfect mix of stealth and yield. Boreal Cloud is an Indica dominant hybrid. The effects of this strain are very euphoric, bordering on the psychedelic and moves from relaxing to narcotic in high doses.

With a nice balance of both THC (16%) and CBD (2%), it makes a perfect strain for those looking to relax and unwind. This is a potent strain whose effects last much longer than you are probably used to. This beautiful strain produces big dense colas with a purple hue. The taste and aroma are of a strong diesel, indicative of its Skunk ancestor.

Regular Seeds:

$50 - 10 Seeds
$85 - 20 Seeds
$195 - 50 Seeds
$250 - 100 Seeds


For growers, Boreal Cloud is ideal for beginners. Extremely easy to manage, this strain is resistant to swings in environmental conditions which makes it perfect indoors or outdoors.

Boreal Cloud will provide you with an earlier harvest than you would expect, even in an autoflower, and is ready to harvest 10 weeks start to finish. You can expect a height of 70 to 120 cm. Boreal Cloud tends to be bushy until the colas mature in the late stage. Colas are thick, with nodes lining the stalk. You can expect yields of around 450-500g/m² indoors, and 250gr/plant outdoors.

THC 16%.
CBD 4%.

Harvest time:
Ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from seed. If you plant every 4 weeks, 3 summer crops are possible.

Excellent even in hot humid weather during flowering.

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