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Getting a reseller or seedbank to sell your seeds can be expensive and time consuming. Some charge as much as 50% and payments can be very slow.

We expect professionalism!
Only applicants that pass our vetting process are accepted. Failure to pass our vetting process requiers us to manage your inventory, shipping and sales.

Selling your seeds with Boreal Seeds is easy.

    1.  Someone places an order for your seed
    2.  We forward the order to you.
    3.  You collect the fee (we include the PayPal payment button for your seeds into your account. PayPal.Me)
    4.  You ship or mail the order to the customer (we show you how to do it the easy way)
    5.  You send us our commission once a month.
YOU are ALWAYS in control and get paid with every sale (instead of every 4 or 6 months).
Percentages are based on the number of strains you sell every month and will NEVER exceed 25%.
(most seed banks charge 50%)
Want to see the whole breakdown and how much you can make?
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Contact us if you want us to handle everything from your Inventory, Sales, Shipping and Client Suppport.

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Sell Cannabis Seeds In Canada