The Boreal Forest Is Our Grow Room

Canada's Boreal Forest is home to 500 to 600 BILLION trees. Taken all-together, it holds one-quarter of the planet’s remaining primary forest.

The Boreal Forest encompasses more than just trees! Spanning 1.4 billion acres, it's a rich tapestry of forest, taiga, tundra, peatlands, salt marshes, rivers, lakes, and a quarter of the world's wetlands. And that's not all. The Boreal Forest is North America's bird nursery, integral to the nesting and migration routes for 3-5 billion birds each year. It's the last refuge for North American mammals. More than 85 species still roam freely including deer, moose, grizzly & black bears, wolves, lynxes, muskox, caribou and much more.

It's also a giant shield against climate change: Canada's Boreal Forest alone holds about 12 percent of the world’s land-based carbon reserves. That's equivalent of up to 36 years of global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Why do we grow here? Because it's our backyard, and you're welcome to visit anytime.

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